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Gallery of Carol Peebles' work.

Customer Testimonials

Rev. Dr. Ray Fortier Cannata:

"Carol is a true master! I have seen her at work several times, both as an art teacher and as a portrait artist, and her talents amaze me. Not only are her artistic powers considerable, her kind and humble manner really seem to put her subjects at ease and elicit more natural poses. I once posed for one of her classes for three hours and her soothing voice, fun spirit, and interesting insights made the time race by. On another occasion she did a very quick sketch of my daughter, not even a complete portrait, and guests in our home have since commented not only on how well it resembles her, but how she was able to capture so much of our girl's personality. Whenever someone asks about where to have a portrait made, I always recommend Carol first." 

Mrs. Lauren McCulloch:

"Carol was an absolute dream to work with. She was so wonderful with both of my boys during their photo session, and was able to capture such genuine, natural expressions. The resulting portraits were spectacular, and have a special place of pride in our home. They will forever remain true family treasures."

Mrs. Marion Eagan:

"Over the past few years, I have commissioned Carol to execute drawings of each of my five grandsons as a document of those first newborn weeks of life. I believe her to be incredibly trained and talented. As an artist, art instructor, and a mother herself, she understands the importance of capturing life on paper. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering having a portrait drawn."

Mr. Bill Trufant:

"'Phoenix Rising' caught our eye immediately when we first saw it advertised. We called Carol to make an appointment and decided on the spot that it would be perfect in our den. We had it framed in a floating glass wood frame and the warmth that it exudes fills the room and enhances the natural woodwork. It's notations and highlights, not to mention the beautiful golden tones, remind us daily of the uniqueness of our wonderful city that, as the phoenix, continues to rise. Thank you, Carol, for this wonderful addition to our city."

Mrs. Becky Letort:

"Thank you Ms. Peebles for the best present I have ever received. My husband and I have wanted to have portraits drawn of the kids for a long time. My husband finally made it happen for our 25th Anniversary. It was the perfect present. You captured them perfectly and I will have that forever. You have a special gift and I thank you for sharing it with us."

Mrs. Alea Morelock Cot:

"We love our mounted print of "Phoenix Rising" because it reminds us of all the things we enjoy in New Orleans. There are many locations that we are familiar with marked on the map as well as our own house. We have it in the dining room and it has turned into quite a conversation piece."

Mrs. Judy Johnson:

"I was stunned when I first walked into Carol's house. Her walls displayed beautiful works by her own hand. I felt as if I were in a museum. A portrait of my daughter, Anna, now hangs on my walls at home."

Mrs. Lurana Donnels O'Malley & Family Joan, Ruby, Lurana, Teia & Sean:

"Carol's shimmering vision of the city warms our wall with it's golden, snaking river; it is an honor that she sneaked a wee image of me and my father into her mythology." 

Mr. Christian Karcher:

"Le portrait de nos enfants que Carol a si reussi, nous apporte tant de plaisir. Nous avons que des compliments de la part de nos invites, et nous sommes tres fiers d'avoir cette piece d'art!"

Dr. Michael Scheeringa:

"When my wife saw "Phoenix Rising," she fell in love with it and it turned out to be the perfect anniversary gift! We can even see on the map where we were married. It now hangs in our dining room as a reminder of all we enjoy about New Orleans. I think it's one of the best iconic representations of the river crescent that I've ever seen."

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