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Lineage of Curriculum

The Blue Easel Club follows a proud lineage of education.


Carol Peebles’ mentor, master artist Auseklis Ozols (, graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, continued those teaching traditions by founding The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and currently Fine Arts Preservation Society of New Orleans (


This lineage continues back to Auseklis’ mentor at PAFA, Walter Stuempfig, then to Daniel Garber, Thomas Eakins, and their predecessors. Lessons are based on observational drawing in the Classical Realist Tradition. Drawing is the cornerstone of all artistic visual expression, so our classes are in dry media – mostly charcoal, graphite or pastel.


The Club’s linage of a celebration of life comes from New Orleans photographer, Johnny Donnels, whose world-renowned French Quarter Studio celebrated life, music and photography. Founded the year of Donnels' passing, the Blue Easel Club's pledge is to keep and foster celebration, camaraderie, music and happiness in learning.

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