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Welcome to the Blue Easel Club


The Blue Easel Club, founded in 2009 by Carol Peebles, is rooted in the philosophy that in order to develop as an artist, one cannot just study technique, one must live the life of an artist. Our year-round workshops and classes are frequented with music, inspirational readings, guest speakers, lunch or dinner and more - all designed to get you in touch with the ARTIST in you.


The Blue Easel Club is proud to be an artist family. Some of our club members have been with us since our founding; others take classes or workshops when they can. Over time, our Club Members have contributed ideas toward the Club’s growth and integration into and with the current art world.  We find traveling exhibitions to do master copies and share the work of contemporary artists.  Our members attend conventions together such as the Portrait Society of America’s National Convention or the International Association of Pastel Societies Convention; coming back with new ideas to discuss with the Club. Breaking bread, sharing ideas, and regularly drawing, we help each other on the path to creativity. All levels are welcome, beginners work alongside professionals, lessons adapting to each member’s needs.


Our curriculum is founded on drawing from the live model with Classical Realist instruction from Carol Peebles. Classes are held in her private Atelier, located in the Historic Uptown District of New Orleans, LA. Carol’s instruction is based in the time tested approach of observational drawing to study nature, utilizing dry media. Along with the traditional Atelier studies of figure and portrait, the Blue Easel Club has broadened the scope of life drawing to include professional ballerinas, musicians, burlesque dancers, boxers, and much more. New Orleans offers an abundance of venues to practice these lessons on site. Jazz clubs and festivals offer a wealth of live subjects for artists to continue their practice after taking a class.


Come visit The Crescent City, and draw with us! 

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